Great Dog Survey

68% of Aussies would keep eating their ice cream after their dog had licked it. Gross or great? You tell us. Join Australia’s biggest ever study for dog owners and see how you compare.

Did you know that Australian law still views man’s best friend as ‘objects’? Not cool. We’re on a mission to understand the important role dogs play in our lives—and prove they mean more to us than a lamp or laundry basket.

The Great Australian Dog Survey has now finished. Stay tuned to Off The Leash as we tally the results.

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The time has come. Find out how you stack up as a pet parent. Not that we're judging (but your dog might be). Slide us your deets and we'll send you a very chill email with the results.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to help Aussie dogs get a fair go. We reckon you’re pretty great yourself. You can now go into your day feeling a warm fuzzy glow knowing that you’ve done your bit for dogkind.

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Great Dog Survey 82%

of us find others more attractive if they have a dog. So basically, My dog is the ultimate wingman.
Great Dog Survey 70%

of dogs sleep in
their owner's beds,
My Dog included

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